Firestone RH-5 Wheel

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Rim Types
Rear RH-5, notice the center band with minor gap around edge.


The Firestone RH-5 is a multi-piece wheel also know as the "Widowmaker".


See photos until a good description is written.


These wheels are very unsafe, they can violently separate causing injury or death.

Often considered "Banned or Outlawed", there are no national laws preventing the use of this wheel. Most shops will refuse service.

Conversion Options


5 Lug Wheel

  • Wheels Now Inc. 22.5x9.00 Part Number: 89810 with 5 hand holes using 28220 Disk
  • Dodge RV 19.5

6 Lug Wheel

  • Wheels Now Inc. Part Number:


10 Lug Wheel

  • Wheels Now Inc. Part Number: W-28169PG. 22.5 x 6.75 10 Hole. Last shipment ever (so they said) 15 Sept 2021. Ask for Jackson.
  • Factory options?


Front RH-5, notice lack of split in rim edge.